Auto Parts: Front and Rear Car shock absorbers, Nuances

Efficient and high-tech solutions in the market of shock were born on the racetrack. Because riders were the first who felt rocking of the car at high speeds. Some dampers today are quite complex structure, with advanced engineering solutions and a variety of job functions. In the process of selection and installation it is important to understand the tasks performed by the shock absorber, and an understanding of the most common designs and their differences.
Car shock absorbers

Set of the shock absorber in the upright or inverted position.
During installation it is important to know the type of shock absorber – twin-tube or a single-tube. For example, double-tube shock absorbers are almost never installed in an inverted position, and single-tube ones can be set with the camera turn up or down. Thus, at installation we should accurately follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Shock absorber location.
In theory, the shock absorbers would have to be located as close to the wheels perpendicular to the motion of suspension. If the car’s suspension is compressed straight up or down, you need to install the shock absorber by means of a ball joint can be more upright. If the car has leaf spring front suspension with earrings behind, then it is advisable to install absorbers with a slight slope back as when the suspension is compressed, it moves up the axis, and then back.